Creating a new career path.

I’d like to take this opportunity to mention my site will be going under a bit of construction. Since the beginning of my WordPress adventure, the sole purpose of this site was to house the things I learned along the way and the intents of each project. Now I will be re-creating and redrafting the layout of each project. In essence I will be re-designing the site to look like I know how to design something instead of throwing each project on a page. In using WordPress as an outlet to show my skills and knowledge  I hope to find a career that will help me learn grow and always create.


Starting to lose it

This year has been filled with stuff, working on projects, school, my other job and everyone I know is getting married this year. I’m starting to lose my motivation. Being spread so thin has made it difficult to sit down and work on the things I want to work on.

I sat down for a few hours today an just stared at a blank illustrator page. I don’t know what my mental block is but I just can’t seem to get my ideas down. Only a few weeks left of class and I have so much that needs to get done. Perhaps my panic is getting in the way of inspiration. I envy those that have the time to be creative. I’ll have to lock myself away for a while to get it back. I need a break through or maybe just a break. All this constant moving from one subject to another has clouded my brain. Tomorrow I will show up to class with very little work done, not from being careless with my time or lazy but simply because I don’t have it in me at the moment.

Hopefully I’ll be back to my old self shortly but I can only hope that this is just a small temporary obstacle.

When I have the time.

There are some projects that I’ve been dying to work on. Take this as my list of things to do before I die:

Design a book cover

Create a set of posters with no limitations

Illustrate a few fun pieces for myself

Edit some of my favorite photos and incorporate text or texture

Create some infographics about totally ridiculous things

Find some strong influences and inspirational designs

Do some hand lettering

(may add more)

May I borrow an hour?

Lately I’ve been feeling overwhelmed. The simplest things seem to cause me anxiety and responsibilities are crowding my creativity. I’m starting to learn the amount of time it takes to actually create something substantial. Even small practices are becoming pain staking. I’ve never wanted art to feel like work and usually it never does; to many things are renting space in my head. A break would have been nice but my world doesn’t stop even with one day off of class.

What I have been working on:

I have been doing a few thumbnail sketches of the Random Acts of Kindness logo. I’m not completely positive of in which direction I will be heading but I have a few solid starting points. I have posted the sketches to the Thumbnail tab under Logo.

Also I’ve uploaded a few type and design exercises under Type.

Lines and Icons

I have updated the Lines section of my Basic-Design page. Today I’m focusing on icons that can represent a good deal or act of kindness. Probably one of my biggest challenges so far. Can one symbol explain an entire act? Hopefully I will be successful in doing so!

Design for Good

I have updated the Design for Good page, under Digital Design, with 5 concepts of organizations to design for. The winner as to which concept I will be designing for: Random Acts of Kindness. I’ve adapted the idea of dandelion seeds being disbursed. The whole idea is that one act of kindness will cause an avalanche of other acts of kindness from other that bare witness. The idea I have in mind will be the spreading of an idea that being kind is contagious. The next step for me is to vectorize my dandelion along with a few other exercises.